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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

  1. If I turn in a claim is my insurance rate going up?
  2. Is my insurance going to increase with adding my teenager?
  3. Do I need an umbrella policy?
If I turn in a claim is my insurance rate going up?
This is complicated but the answer is probably yes. If you have a no claims discount, you will most likely lose it. Even though nothing is paid it does not mean you did not have a claim. A lot of  claims, especially on the home are below the deductible but it still has damage.

If you are not sure if you should turn in the claim, call our office. Maybe see how much it will cost to repair before you turn it in.

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Is my insurance going to increase with adding my teenager?
Of course. The more people who drive the more it costs. Your child needs to be added when he receives his license. If he is not going to drive then don't get him a license.

Remember, the more experience they get the better they will dri ve.(usually). Spend time with them in the car. Let them drive to the store with you.

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Do I need an umbrella policy?
If you own your home, or have any assets or a good job or future pay will be good then yes! You want to protect yourself from our suing society.  The umbrella protects your assets from being taken from you.

They are very reasonable and protect you from anything you can be held liable for. Usually your home or auto is the primary source of coverage.

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Our Happy Customers

When we moved all of our home, auto and umbrella insurance over to Keenan Insurance, we saved about $400 a month. They have ways to find the right insurance for your individual needs with profession and compassionate service. We highly recommend you call them the next time you are in need of insurance.
—Alicia Vinklarek

Whenever I am faced with an insurance issue I can call Keenan Insurance and receive the best professional help available. They work with me from begin to end, making sure I am satisfied with all they have to offer.
—S. Love

We have been with Keenan Insurance for over 33 years. They are very attentive, prompt and helpful with claims. They have a low turnover rate and keep you updated with the latest insurance benefits. We recommend using Keenan Insurance to our family and friends. John and his staff are reliable, friendly and dependable. This company has gone above and beyond to help with our insurance needs.

You go to bat for your customers. Never feel like we have to argue to get your help. We trust you.
—Daniel Stage

I followed Keenan Ins from Farmers because of the personal attention my accounts received. When I ask a question, I always get an answer ASAP.
—R. Massey

Prompt and Personal Service keeps us coming back. A variety of insurers to choose from has been helpful, too. Quite a number of changes and additions to a policy can be handled by phone or email.
—Rich Gross, Champions

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